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Luke Freedman thinks he’s found the perfect post–presidential career for Barack Obama — Supreme Court Justice:

Obama clearly has an impressive legal background. He was president of the Harvard Law Review, and Laurence Tribe, the extremely influential professor of constitutional law, referred to Obama as the “best student I’ve ever had.” After graduating from Harvard Law School, Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago for twelve years.

It’s true that Obama hasn’t practised law in a long time — his law license has actually become inactive — but in some respects this could be an asset. There is a value in having justices with different life experiences who have seen firsthand how the law impacts the day to day lives of citizens. It’s become standard practice for Supreme Court justices to have extensive experience as judges, but things were not always this way. Thurgood Marshall gained notoriety as a civil rights attorney; William Rehnquist was working in the Justice Department at the time of his nomination. The court has become more diverse in terms of gender and ethnicity, but more homogenous as measured by the previous occupations of its members. [read more]